NBA-Loff does not want to be Bosh II or will leave the Cavaliers this summer _1

NBA-Loew is unwilling to be “Bosh II” or will leave the Cavaliers this summer
In today’s Cavaliers game against the Bulls, Loew visited the scene for the first time after surgery.But according to Yahoo Sports reporter Vonalovsky in an interview, Loew is not willing to play the role of Bosh, so the Cavaliers may have to worry about Loew leaving this summer.Season reimbursement or Cheng Lefu sing?  Loew didn’t want to take on Bosh’s role.Wonalovsky said that the current No. 3 star in the Cavaliers, behind LeBron and Irving, is like Bosh in the Heat.But Loew didn’t want to assume such responsibilities alone.  Bosh and Loew have too many similarities.Before joining the Cavaliers, Loew had at least 20 + 12 in three seasons, and even averaged 15 in 10-11.2 rebounds.And Bosh also played three 22 + 10 seasons before joining the Heat.After joining the team led by LeBron, both roles have changed, the data plummeted.Bosh averaged only 17 in four games with LeBron.4 points 7.4 rebounds.And Loew averaged only 16 per game this season.4 points 9.7 rebounds.  Love has been thinking about whether he will jump into the free agent market throughout the season.Wonalovsky said that the Cavaliers hope to make Love feel a sense of belonging and responsibility for this team through the playoffs, but because he has already been reimbursed for the season, if not optimistic.The Cavaliers are already worried about Loew’s departure.  Loew’s next season’s contract is a player option, and so far he has not found out whether to execute it.If he chooses to jump into the free market, this is a major blow for the Cavaliers.At the same time, the Air Force is also competent in analysis, and Loew may implement the player option for one year, and then wait until 2016 when the salary cap increases significantly before becoming a free agent.Regardless of the result, the Cavaliers must deal with the problem of staying in the team in the summer.  It is worth mentioning that in the Cavaliers’ home game against the Bulls today, the Cavaliers originally directed fans to wear arm rings to support Loew, but then the team temporarily canceled this decision.I don’t know what Luf felt when he came to support the team.