Wang Qiang did not escape the Xiaowei Curse and actually lost to the player who was lower than himself by 50

Wang Qiang did not escape the “Xiaowei Curse” and actually lost to the player who was lower than himself by 50
After Wang Qiang’s defeat, the Australian Open has no Chinese players in singles and doubles.Wang Qiang’s road to the Australian Open failed to continue.In the just-final round of the Australian Open women’s singles, Wang Qiang missed the first set of 4 to 1 good results, eventually lost to Tunisian player Jabel, 0 to 2, missed the Australian Open top 8.After the women’s singles signing form, Wang Qiang’s 2/4 area is known as the “death group”. Osaka Naomi, Serena, Serena, David, Wozniacki, Stephens and others are all in this district.Chinese players Wang Qiang and Zhang Shuai are also in this area.If everything is normal, the fourth round of the game should be between Serena Williams and Wozniacki.However, in the third round, Wang Qiang and Jabell ended the promotion of Serena and Wozniacki respectively.No matter from the ranking or the past record, Wang Qiang is above Jabel.In terms of world rankings, the 29th-ranked Wang Qiang is nearly 50 higher than Jabell; in the battle record, Wang Qiang also leads 2-0.However, Wang Qiang entered the state a bit slowly in the first game and was broken by Jabel.However, Wang Qiang immediately adjusted his status and achieved a 4 to 1 advantage in the next 4 games.But afterwards, Wang Qiang played a little more conservatively, and lost 4 to 7 in the “Grab 7” after missing the inventory.The loss in the first set also affected Wang Qiang’s condition. In the second set, he lost 5 games in a row and eventually lost to Jarbel 1 to 6 and missed the top 8.Jarber will compete with No. 14 seed Kenning for a place in the semi-finals, and another 2 to 1 victory over American star Gove.Judging from the second half of the game, Wang Qiang lost his state when playing Weiwei in the last round.Wang Qiang lost the game, and Xiaowei’s “magic” at the Australian Open continued.Since 2003, Serena has participated in the Australian Open 15 times and won 7 times.The other 8 times were surprisingly consistent-players who beat Serena Williams will be eliminated in the next round.In the whole game, Wang Qiang had only 11 winning points, and as many as 23 unforced errors.Regardless of one-shot or two-shot drama rate, Wang Qiang is no match for Jabel.So far, there are no Chinese players in the women’s singles signing form.In addition to the overall defeat in the doubles front yesterday, there are no Chinese players in the Australian Open singles and doubles.Editor Xu Xiaofan