Andy Lau will play Sun Wukong, Seven Saints series of movies to create an oriental hero

Andy Lau will play Sun Wukong, “Seven Saints” series of movies to create an oriental hero
On January 19, the “Seven Saints” series of movies based on classic myths was officially announced.The film is directed by Ma Chucheng, the director of “Summer Tea” and “Mulan”, with Liu Dehua as the producer and starring actor, Zhong Chuxi and Li Chengru.It is reported that the first work of the series “Seven Saints” will be launched in the middle and late May.Andy Lau said: “In fact, I played a monkey when I first started acting.In this challenge to Sun Wukong’s role, I will put my main advantage in the characterization of the characters. I hope that the image of Sun Wukong created this time will reflect the artistic sense.The “Seven Saints” series of movies takes the Monkey King Monkey King as the core, around the Monkey King and the Monkey King Pingtian, the King Monkey King over the sea, the King Lion King and the Lion King Camel King, the King Monkey King, the King Monkey KingThe King of Cashmere, the seven great saints composed of the golden saint Jinpeng.As the first part of the series development, the well-known classic character Sun Wukong is naturally the best choice.On the basis of respecting tradition, the team behind “Seven Saints” has continuously explored and made an innovative interpretation of Sun Wukong, hoping to make it one of the “Eastern Series Heroes” in the new era.Ma Chucheng revealed that this time Sun Wukong will have a great breakthrough in the shape of the character, and the “brotherhood” and “love” embodied in him are the core to impress the audience.Ma Chucheng also said: “The classic characters in” The Seven Saints “will become the heroes of the West. Most Hollywood movies celebrate individual heroism. Our wonderful thing is that each character has a tribute to traditional Chinese culture.There are also feelings behind.”It is worth mentioning that Andy Lau not only participated in the film as the producer and leading role, he was also one of the screenwriters.Speaking of the “Seven Saints” series of movies, he said: “This idea is very novel, it is different from the previously mentioned” Journey to the West “story angle,” Seven Saints “is to make up for the gaps in the original work to supplement and extend, This is a very interesting creative process.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Xu Meilin proofread by Guo Li Organizer