2015 French Open-Germany’s first victory over Nadal will play Murray and advance to the semifinals for 5 consecutive years_1

2015 French Open-Germany’s first victory over Nadal will play Murray and advance to the top 4 for 5 consecutive years
News on June 4th, Beijing time (3rd local time).The 2015 French Open entered its tenth match day.In the first half of the men’s singles eight strong battle started, and in a highly anticipated focus battle, the world’s first Djokovic won the defending champion Nadal with a 7-5/6-6-3/6-1 Lectra 9th,Seven times in his career, he challenged the ultimate winner of the clay king in Roland Garros, breaking into the semifinals for five consecutive years.This is the second game Nadal lost in the French Open.Druid will compete with Murray for the final power.Djokovic celebrates victory. Nadal’s expression is lost. This is the 44th career match between Djokovic and Nadal, ranking first in history.Although the Spaniard has a slight advantage in the record of 23 wins and 20 losses, but since the rise of Djokovic in 2011, the Serbian took away 13 wins in 20 matches.Nadal shattered Djokovic’s Grand Slam dream six times at the French Open, including last year’s final.However, the overall competitiveness of Nardal declined this season, and perhaps the Serbian king finally waited for a chance to counterattack.  At the beginning of the game, Djokovic, who quickly entered the state, scored a break early and quickly led 3-0.Then he was broken again, and when 0-4 fell behind, Nadal woke up like a dream.Seized Djokovic’s lax mentality to complete a break, and then played an excellent long forehand attack to chase the score to 2-4.In the seventh inning to save the top seed of the three break points, it was helpless to give up the ball again in the face of the fourth crisis.With a strong Love Game, the defending champion chased the score 4-4.Djokovic, who scored four straight goals to defend the ninth, took the lead again with 5-4.The King of Red Clay under pressure resolved the three inventory guarantees, and tied the score again.Druid, who has maintained a steady state of mind, then secured his hair again. In the twelfth inning, he finally seized the sixth inventory opportunity of this game and took the lead 7-5.  Djokovic, who had an untouched feel, took the lead in the second set and took a 1-0 lead.Nadal was not affected by the first set defeat, and after a multiple-bottom line-up contest, he equalized the game.Then there was a stalemate in the game, and both sides had any chance of breaking in the first six innings, and the score was 3-3.Djokovic, who scored four straight goals and defended the seventh inning, suddenly speeded up on the bottom line. Using the strategy of suppressing Nadal’s backhand, the world’s first gradually found opportunities from the defending champion’s dense defense.Take the lead in making a break.Although the stubborn Nadal then resolved the inventory three times, the determined Djokovic still held the serve and won the game to the next set 6-3.  Djokovic, who was full of firepower, took the lead in the third set to make a break with a large-angle transfer, resisting Nadal’s counterattack, and he could lead 2-0.Nadal, who was obviously struggling to defend on the bottom line, was forced to take a 0-3 backward disadvantage into the intermission after watching his opponent bombing the winning ball.Drawing on the experience of the first set, Djokovic, who has always been tense, has successfully defended his hair after returning to the field and expanded his advantage to 4-0.The two sides initially defended each other. Although Nadal stopped the losing streak of seven consecutive games, he still trailed by 1-5.At this point, the game has lost its suspense, and Djokovic finally won 6-1, giving Nadal a successful defeat to Roland Garros’s second defeat and advancing to the semifinals.