NBA2015 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest List Confirms Lavin to Lead Major Race System_1

NBA2015 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest List Confirms Lavin to Lead Major Race System
On January 28th, Beijing time, the NBA official officially announced the 2015 All-Star Dunk Contest entry list, which is no different from the previous exposure in the US media. The four contestants are the Bucks’ Giannis-Ante Torcon.Bo, the Mason Plumley of the Nets, Zuck Lavin of the Timberwolves and Oladipo of the Magic.The list of slam dunk contests confirmed that Pramley, as a player representative, participated in the NBA TV antique release ceremony this morning. He has contributed 79 slam dunks this season, ranking first among the four contestants.In addition, Brother Alphabet is the first Bucks player to participate in the dunk contest in 18 years. Last time was Ray Allen in 1997.  This dunk will probably be the most talked about probably by rookie Zach Lavin, who has a huge palm and left countless dunks when he was in college. The creativity of this style in the dunk contest is very impressive.People look forward to.  According to Yahoo reporter Mark Spears, this year’s slam dunk contest will return to the classic format, no longer divided into east and west competitions, slam dunks are divided into two rounds of preliminary and semi-finals, each round dunks three balls, each ball is no longer subject to time restrictionsThis will undoubtedly increase the appreciation of this year’s dunk contest.(Li Shuangfu)